Recording rates are available via inquiry. The engineer needs to speak to you about your projects requirements and your recording needs, expectations... This enables the engineer to give you the best and most accurate quote for your budget. Or choose a recording package, please phone or email your inquiry. 


ALBUM PACKAGE: 10 days recording (a day is 9 hours) with engineer at Incubator Recording for $PLEASE CALL*!

Pro Tools 12, Apple iMac i7 and Universal Audio “ Apollo 8P” analog to digital converters! please phone with any questions!


EP PACKAGE: 5 Days recording (a day is 9 hours) $PLEASE CALL*


MASTERING: $75 per song for (Mastering is a different process than recording, please phone). Phone for EP and Full length release deals.

Gift Vouchers are also available, great for Christmas and Birthdays!
The above deals are based on time in the studio, not achievement. Mixing is time in the studio and is part of the recording project.

*There are some conditions with packages, please phone to speak about your recording project.

Contact us today:
0411 479 023
Your recording session is considered booked when Incubator receives a $100 deposit. The remainder of the recording cost is due upon completion of the recording day. The deposit confirms your acceptance of the rates and conditions. The day session bookings (9 hour days) have a half hour lunch break as part of the day fee quoted.
Incubator is offering one day, at a reduced rate for the purpose of pre production. Pre production sessions are available to artists/bands who book 3 days or more recording time with Incubator. 
The pre production stage of a recording can be very helpful to achieve a better sounding more accurate depiction of your sound on the final recording. Pre production is the process of looking at your song/s and deciding what is going to bring out the songs full potential when recording commences. 
This can include jamming on the song for the producer (Incubator) to assess song structure, feel, groove, tempo, click track programming and choice of click sound, instrumentation, microphone selection…etc and determine what the song might need. 
Another most important aspect of pre production is assessing the artist’s equipment. For example will the artist’s current equipment achieve their expectations? Also will the current equipment deliver the sounds that are needed for the genre of the music. Pre production also includes testing different microphones to see what sounds are the most appropriate.
It is important to be punctual. If your session booking starts at 10am so does the clock whether you are on time or not. If you realize that you might be late a courtesy call would be very much appreciated and expected. Come 15 minutes early to have a coffee and ease into the day.
If you must cancel a recording session, 72 hours minimum notice will be needed. Cancellation the day before or on the day will result in a $100 cancellation fee, your deposit not refunded. Incubator Recording and Mastering may have missed a recording session on the same day because your booking was confirmed.
All mixes, CD-R, DAT and master tapes, hard drives, etc. shall remain the property of Incubator recording until all invoices are paid in full by the client.
Bringing your own  hard drive (Must be Mac compatible or a USB stick (8-16 gig) is recommended for backing up data. 
We are not legally responsible for items brought into the premises. It is recommended that clients obtain insurance to protect against possible expense or loss of article(s) of value left on the premises. This includes master tapes and data storage units (sessions on hard disc or other recording medium) left at Incubator Recording.
When booking a 9 hour recording if the session goes over time this will be charged according. A day is 9 hours at Incubator. The session is over when the CD of the day is burnt and data has been backed up. Data back-up is not a free service it is part of your recording session so please allow time for back up. Check with the engineer a few hours before the end of the day to get a rough estimate of time needed to back up.
Not all studios are created equal. Incubator Recording Studio has been built to professional recording standards. The talent of the engineers, the acoustics of the rooms, the gear, and the experience of the engineer make comparing two studios very difficult.
Contact us today to discuss all your recording and audio mastering needs.
0411 479 023
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